Merchant Services

We provide card acceptance solution that allows our customers (merchants) to offer​​ excellent payment service to their clients at zero entry cost. We offer the following items free of charge:
  • POS terminal and sales draft
  • Decals and stickers
  • Training with detain documents in Khmer and English
  • Personalized merchant promotion program to introduce your business to our high profile cardholders.
  • 24 hours by 7 days support to allow your business running without restriction.

    1. Increased sales: By accepting card for payment, the merchants increase the cardholder likelihood to purchase the goods/services especially the credit cardholders. Cards also provide greater convenience as compared to cash because the merchants can process transaction with much faster pace and ease. Merchants also create customer satisfaction, thus increasing the chances for repeated sales. As the number of card transactions grows, merchants can take the advantage of other marketing opportunities such as rewards programs to boost revenues and also target new customers.
    1. Better management of their business: Our acceptance service helps merchants to reduce costs of handling cash and administration. It also protects the merchants’ revenue by reducing fraud and increasing the security of transactions. Cardholders also make use of electronic transaction records for better management of their fund.
    1. Better customer service: Merchants offering card acceptance service offer their customers more flexible payment options - faster checkout times for customers and a more efficient way of payment. Paying by card gives consumers the option to make impulse purchases, which can lead to higher spending at merchants and increased transaction volumes.

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