Personal Deposit Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

UCB personal deposit saving account

The ideal place to store your wealth and let it grow. Our savings account is one of the most convenient and preferred transactional accounts in which to manage everyday cash. Once you open this highly private and secure account, you will be able to deposit, withdraw, and transfer your funds with ease.

UCB savings accounts also offer competitive interest rates, so you can maximize your earning potential.


  • An initial minimum deposit of USD 100 is required
  • 1% interest rate gained per annum
  • Cash withdrawals will be free of charge at UCB ATM booths. At Campu Bank, Canadia Bank, SBC Bank, and Mekong Bank, users will incur a fee of USD 0.5 per transaction
  • Maximum cash withdrawal limit of USD 1,000 a day at an ATM booth
  • Passbook and passbook updating services are free of charge
  • No minimum ongoing balance required
  • Opening service is free of charge
  • All members of the public are eligible
  • Issue bank account statement USD2/month
  • Issue bank account confirmation letter USD5/first copy and USD3/additional copy
  • Inward fund transfer (E payment) USD2/transaction

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