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For those looking for easy and efficient money managing, but without the hassle of carrying cash, our UCB current account is the perfect choice. Open a current account with us, and you'll be able to enucb-personal-current-accountjoy making purchases, paying bills, transferring funds, and depositing checks--all safely and conveniently.

Simplify your life, and open a UCB current account today.

Initial Deposit Amount for Opening Account 20,000,000 5,000.00 Service is not available.
Closing Account within 1 month 120,000 30.00
Closing Account within 3 months 40,000 10.00
Cheque book (25 Cheques) 20,000 5.00 Service is not available.
Returned cheque (Per Leave) 200,000 50.00
Cashier’s Order Cheque 40,000 10.00
Certified Cheque 40,000 10.00
Stopped Cheque 80,000 20.00
Maximum Cash Withdrawal per Day 4,000,000 1,000.00 Service is not available.
ATM Card Annual Fee 12,000 3.00
ATM Cash Withdrawal at Other Bank (Easy Cash Member) 2,000 0.50
ATM Card Balance Inquiry at Other Bank (Easy Cash Member) 1,200 0.30
ATM Cash Withdrawal at Other Bank (Non Easy Cash Member) 20,000 5.00
ATM Card Balance Inquiry at Other Bank (Non Easy Cash Member) 2,000 0.50
ATM Card Replacement 12,000 3.00
Payroll Processing Fee 8,000 2.00 Service is not available.
Balance Confirmation 20,000 5.00 Equivalent to USD5
Dormant Account Fee 20,000 5.00 Equivalent to USD5
Statement Printing (Free Current Month Statement) 8,000 for extra request 2.00 for extra request Equivalent to USD2 for extra request
Audit Confirmation 40,000 10.00 Equivalent to USD10
Intra-Branch Cash Deposit & Withdrawal (at provincial branch(ies)) if amount greater than USD 20,000.00 or USD equivalence. (2) 0.10 % 0.10 % 0.10 %
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(1) The fee and charge in KHR (1) are approximate and you might be asked to pay more based on current exchange rate between KHR and USD. EUR/SGD/THB/JPY/CNY are calculated based on the UCB Exchange Rate.

(2) The fee will be applied for net amount exceed USD 20,000.00 (Example: Customer withdraw USD 22,000 so that the fee will be USD 22,000 – USD 20,000 = USD 2,000 x 0.10%= USD 2.00 applied).

(3) Interest payment is subjected to withholding tax (4% for Resident and 14% for Non-Resident).

(4) The cash transaction for foreign currencies, beside KHR and USD, shall be converted to KHR or USD.

(5) The bank reserves the right to amend the fees and charge without prior notice to customer.

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