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Bank Guarantees

Providing trust in business transactions

UCB can issue bank guarantees on your behalf as a means of protecting your business against credit risks such as non-payment, non-delivery of goods, or other unforeseen failures. With a UCB bank guarantee, your business partners can trust their losses will be minimized in case of default or non-payment, and your company retains a favorable and trustworthy image.

Not only do UCB bank guarantees give you confidence when dealing with suppliers, they ensure that your business won’t need to provide large cash deposits when entering into a contract.

UCB can issue a range of guarantees to suit your individual business needs by making them comply with the terms of the agreements with your business partners.

Our guarantees include:

  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Advance payment guarantee or down payment guarantee
  • Payment guarantee
  • Retention bonds
  • Warranty bonds

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