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Trusted and safe wire services with SWIFT

At UCB, we aim for the utmost security when it comes to protecting your hard-earned wealth. That is why we offer international wire transfers through the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network, which represents over 7,400 user banks in over 199 countries. These direct bank-to-bank transfers are proven to be secure, since information sent through the SWIFT network is authenticated and encrypted.

A SWIFT transfer is a convenient and speedy way to transfer money from one global location to another. Simply go to one of our offices (head office in Phnom Penh or one of our branch offices in Battambang, Siem Reap, or Sihanoukville), give the bank information on sending a specific amount of money from your account, and within hours, your transaction will be processed.


Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT) if > 5,000.00 0.20% + Telex 80,000 0.20% + Telex 20.00 0.20% + Telex (Equivalent to USD20)
Outward Telegraphic Transfer if ≤ 5,000.00 100,000 25.00 Equivalent to USD25
OTT Amendment 272,000 68.00 Equivalent to USD68
OTT Mentioned (OUR) 120,000 30.00 Equivalent to USD30
Inward Telegraphic Transfer if > 10,000.00 0.10% +Telex 60,000 0.10% +Telex 15.00 0.10% + Telex (Equivalent to USD15)
Inward Telegraphic Transfer if ≤ 10,000.00 40,000 10.00 Equivalent to USD10


(1) The fee and charge in KHR (1) are approximate and you might be asked to pay more based on current exchange rate between KHR and USD. EUR/SGD/THB/JPY/CNY are calculated based on the UCB Exchange Rate.

(2) The fee will be applied for net amount exceed USD 20,000.00 (Example: Customer withdraw USD 22,000 so that the fee will be USD 22,000 – USD 20,000 = USD 2,000 x 0.10%= USD 2.00 applied).

(3) Interest payment is subjected to withholding tax (4% for Resident and 14% for Non-Resident).

(4) The cash transaction for foreign currencies, beside KHR and USD, shall be converted to KHR or USD.

(5) The bank reserves the right to amend the fees and charge without prior notice to customer.

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