Business Overdraft


Fast borrowing for unexpected times.


In an unstable economic climate, many businesses run up against unexpected financial expenses. For these unpredictable times, UCB offers an overdraft facility that provides you with fast, easy-to-administer, and efficient borrowing.

UCB overdrafts provide you with temporary funding to respond to unforeseen needs. We offer competitive rates (which are only incurred upon usage), so you can save on interest expenses, and we impose no fixed payment schedule. At UCB, we're here to support your business, even during unexpected times.


  • A standby facility on your current account
  • A flexible source of funding for your working capital and cash flow needs
  • Easy access to day-to-day finance
  • Standby credit line available to meet unexpected financing needs
  • Savings on interest expenses
  • Able to draw additional funds quickly and conveniently from your current account
  • Opportunities to enjoy our fast and reliable services and other loan products
  • No fixed payment schedule (fund used, interest charged)

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