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Union Commercial Bank PLC is a full-service, customer-oriented commercial bank in Cambodia.

As a full-service bank, UCB provides a comprehensive range of banking products and services tailored for individuals and businesses in Cambodia. The bank offers competitive financial solutions underpinned by its global experience and keen insight into the Cambodian market. UCB’s professional strength lies in a solid combination of local expertise and commitment to clients, which is borne out by its high level of personalized customer service and its focus on strong business partnerships.

The history and growth of Union Commercial Bank is intertwined with the Kingdom of Cambodia's own path to economic recovery and prosperity. In May of 1993, following years of war and civil conflict, Cambodia held general elections sponsored by the United Nations. Shortly afterwards, following the enactment of the Investment Law for Banking, Oknha Yum Sui Sang and several of his friends and associates traveled to Phnom Penh on a fact-finding business mission. Oknha Yum, a long-standing businessman and visionary, observed that by establishing a commercial bank in Cambodia he could promote trade and economic activity that would enable the country to regain its financial footing. Thus, Union Commercial Bank PLC was founded on March 31, 1994, under the Laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and backed by the approval of the National Bank of Cambodia.

In April 2004, UCB became the first bank in Cambodia to issue the VISA Platinum credit card, and it now holds a major share of the VISA Platinum credit card market in the country. We also offer MasterCard services to our clients. Additionally, UCB has expanded the locations of its services, and currently operates branches at Olympic Market in Phnom Penh, and in Sihanoukville, Battambang, and Siem Reap. The UCB branch network allows customers to withdraw, deposit, and transfer money within all branch offices (and the head office in Phnom Penh), as well as numerous other local and international banks.

UCB is currently acquiring China UnionPay services in order to deliver even greater convenience and a wider range of card usage to our clients and visitors from overseas.

UCB is proud to serve the nation of Cambodia. It does so with a high level of professionalism and by adhering to superior standards of personal service. UCB is wholly dedicated to delivering value to its distinguished shareholders and investors, providing effective and competitive financial solutions to its customers, and developing the talent and performance of its staff.


"To promote the well-being and prosperity of our clients, shareholders and employees by delivering superior financial products and services in an environment of integrity, openness, and client centricity."


"To expand as a financial institution and achieve sustained economic growth by continuing to exceed our customers' expectations for top-tier service and innovative financial solutions."


At Union Commercial Bank we strongly believe in abiding by our core values:

  • Commitment

To remain loyal to our clients, to honor the promises that we make, and to respect our clients' right to confidentiality. 

  • Integrity

To uphold high moral principles, adhere to industry standards and ethics, and strive for uprightness in all of our interactions.

  • Security

To assure safe and reliable transactions for all our customers, and protect the bank and our clients from economic downturns through proper financial management.

We strive for your betterment.

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